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Skibby Learning Center provides educational support to persons of all ages.  Our services include testing, remediation, acceleration and support in the academic areas.  Lessons are individualized to meet the needs represented.  Outside input is valuable so parents are welcome to provide any teacher comments and/or test results.  Very young learners are generally seen twice a week for ½ hour sessions while older students are seen in hour periods of time.  Most sessions are one-to-one, however, we do see groups of students when appropriate.

 In order to familiarize you with our services and to clarify our policies, please read carefully: 

  1.  Scheduling is difficult with so many constraints with which to work, therefore please be responsible to your appointments, both arrival as well as departure times.

  2.  Please give us a courtesy call for any absences with as much notice as possible.  Always call the teacher first.  You should receive a card with your tutor's phone number in your tutoring packet.  The phone cards are also available at the Center.  If you are unable to reach your tutor, please call the office at (949) 720-1683.  We will then contact your tutor. 

  3.  Fees are $50 per half hour and $80 per hour for private sessions.  Semi-private sessions are $60 per hour.  Sessions with Jo Skibby are $87 per hour.  There is a $25 material fee per semester.  You are financially responsible for all sessions.  Illnesses are charged but made-up.

  4.  Fees for testing and evaluation start at $350.00 and up.

  5.  Coordination of school assignments with tutoring can be arranged if you'll let us know, however, generally time should be used for long range goals for most younger students.  It is wiser to provide remediation than to assist with homework, however strategies to approach assignments are worthwhile.  There are exceptions to this philosophy so please talk to us.  Working with 7-12 grade students on assignments is not only beneficial but wise, however conceptual understanding is our goal for sessions.  We are not a replacement site for homework.  A study group is offered Mondays and Thursdays in the fall.  The cost is $50.  Last minute requests will be accepted on an availability basis.

  6.  We shall be happy to talk with you and coordinate or discuss your students specific needs with those persons you request.  A release form needs to be completed. 

  7.  All homework assignments we give should be done independently by your child.  If you have any questions about this, please call the person with whom your student works with.

  8.  Assessments are available in order to determine academic performance and learning differences for children of all ages.  Fees are available upon request and vary depending on the testing desired. 

  9.  Some of us are able to offer extra sessions on an occasional basis for students with a unique need.  Weekends may be available.

10.  Generally, we follow the Newport-Mesa public school schedule.  If there are changes you will receive notification. 

11.  Several of you have requested a specific foreign language.  We have some excellent people who teach French and Spanish. 

12.  Located in the tutoring packet is a card with the home phone numbers of all of our teachers/tutors.  They are also available at the Center.  If you are unable to reach her/him, call the office at (949) 720-1683. 

13.  A signed tutoring agreement must be on file for us to work with any student.  Please read it carefully and call if you have any questions.  The agreement is located on the Tutoring Forms page as a word.doc on this website, available to download and print.  Please complete and submit this agreement to our office before the your first appointment.

14.  Persons selected to work with your student have skills we feel appropriate to meet specific needs.  There is diversity within the staff, each working in an area of expertise for the instructor.  All elementary personnel are certificated teachers.  Upper grade tutors have degrees in specific fields in which they may be certificated.  All have wonderful expertise as well as rapport with your student. 

15.  Your input as well as visits are always welcome.  No call is necessary to visit.

Your confidence in our staff is very gratifying. We accept the challenges your children present and will use our expertise to maximize each student?s learning.  We are embarking on an exciting journey together.  Relax, encourage, and be supportive.  You do the parenting but leave the task of teaching to us.  In this way, we combine to offer your student the best of both worlds.

15.  Your input as well as visits are always welcome.  No call is necessary to visit.

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